29 July 2011


So the "OMG it's SHAUN WHITE! Project" was unsuccessful due to our own lack of advertising ( my business partner and I). So we will think of another way to put together the project.

On another note to continue updates on what i'm doing please visit our other blog i.can.d Events.

It's getting a little confusing to hole down 3 blogs, a anime art contest, workshops, 3 t-shirt lines, facebook, twitter, putting together a convention, and free lancing for graphic design amongst a long long long list of many other things since i'm not really getting help....i seriously need a assistant......WELL until next time folks.


23 March 2011



Hi all, this idea was originally started as an art book for a toy design. However, we decided to help Japanese relief efforts. 90% of the proceeds will go to a fund to help Japan. The other 10% will go to fees and taxes. Since Shaun White is a huge supporter of Japan, it just seems befitting to put the two together. We all want to help but don’t really know how. Even if money is short in these times we can all help out different places and people in many other ways. For this case all you have to do is draw. It’s free to enter and you’re doing something good with the art. PLUS it’s another portfolio piece and people from all over with get to enjoy your work while enjoy the fact they did something good as well.

Contest STARTS Friday March 18th 2011 & ENDS Friday May 27th 2011

Go to the “OMG-its-SHAUN-WHITE” group [Link]
For more details and guidelines.

Join. Draw. Submit! ^_^ It's just that simple, Do something good!
-Diane Hyppolite (MzDEMO)

10 March 2011

OMG it's SHAUN WHITE! Project

This is a fan-based project started in San Francisco 2010 (not 2008) as part of the designer toy movement.

This project is not officially backed by Shaun White; however, it is in consideration to be produce by supporters who need a finished work before making a commitment.

After this project, I will have all the tools needed to produce three high quality versions of the toy for my supporters to make a decision on. Plus, I’ll be able to use the tools to continue to work on contributors’ projects and of course my own run of designer toys.

With help, a new toy designer will finish her journey to meet and present to Shaun and Jessie White sometime this summer. Without the support, this project will take a year or more to get off the ground.

But the money from Kick Starter will help cover the cost of:

The finalized printed box and art book

The toy itself

Blind Boxes with blank mini toys

Pressure Pot and a good air-compressor to make the three high quality resin toys (without bubbles in it) from the mold.

And material cost.

I will continue to update my progress the blog. Please visit our kickstarter.com page when it becomes available to help support the project.

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