10 March 2011

OMG it's SHAUN WHITE! Project

This is a fan-based project started in San Francisco 2010 (not 2008) as part of the designer toy movement.

This project is not officially backed by Shaun White; however, it is in consideration to be produce by supporters who need a finished work before making a commitment.

After this project, I will have all the tools needed to produce three high quality versions of the toy for my supporters to make a decision on. Plus, I’ll be able to use the tools to continue to work on contributors’ projects and of course my own run of designer toys.

With help, a new toy designer will finish her journey to meet and present to Shaun and Jessie White sometime this summer. Without the support, this project will take a year or more to get off the ground.

But the money from Kick Starter will help cover the cost of:

The finalized printed box and art book

The toy itself

Blind Boxes with blank mini toys

Pressure Pot and a good air-compressor to make the three high quality resin toys (without bubbles in it) from the mold.

And material cost.

I will continue to update my progress the blog. Please visit our kickstarter.com page when it becomes available to help support the project.

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